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Hospice Resources for Companies

Hospice Resources for Companies

Tips for Using Hospice Resources to Benefit Employees

Tip # 1

Does your company health plan cover hospice benefits? Hospice coverage ensures that dying employees have access to cost-effective services and caregiving employees receive the support they need to maintain their productivity. Click here for information on model hospice benefits.


How well prepared is your company for a tragedy causing employee grief? Consider purchasing AHF materials that can help you prepare ahead. Click here for a description of our workplace materials and ordering instructions.


Do your employees know about hospice programs in their community? Surveys show that many are unaware of hospice programs or their benefits to patients and caregivers. Click here for free articles about hospice. Consider inviting the local hospice to send a speaker to an employee meeting, or to contribute an article to the employee newsletter. Click here for a web-based directory of hospices.


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