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Hospice Report Card

Since 2005, the American Hospice Foundation has been engaged in a project to develop a template for comparative quality public reporting by hospices.  The first version of our evidence-based Hospice Report Card is now available, having been tested in multiple demonstration projects around the country.  This tool is designed both to educate the public about hospice care and to provide dying patients and their families with information about how hospices in their communities compare with respect to quality of services.  Behind the tabs in this section, you will find detailed information about this project.

Report Card Overview summarizes the research and field testing conducted in the development of the this tool; describes the consumer-friendly features; and outlines the quality measures that were selected based on the reported information needs of consumers, physicians and geriatric care managers. 

Report Card Demo takes you to an interactive sample report card that includes the educational component as well as examples of the quality comparison graphs.

The remaining tabs offer additional information about the Quality Measures, the Principle Investigator, the Technical Expert Panel and the Consumer Focus Group study that was conducted as part of the research and development process.

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