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Hospice Family PictureHospice is not about dying; hospice is about living every moment fully.

When a cure is no longer possible, hospice provides the best in medical, nursing, emotional, and spiritual care. At the center of the hospice philosophy is respect for the decisions of each patient and family member.

Who Benefits from Hospice?
Dying people
Holding hands in comfortHospices serve adults and children in the last few months of life. Patients turn to hospice in the final stages of a wide variety of diseases such as cancer, AIDS, emphysema, and Alzheimer's disease.
Hospice patients reflect the diversity of their communities. That is why hospices strive to provide services that are culturally sensitive toward patients and their families.
In addition, those who cannot afford care are often served, regardless of their financial situation.

Grieving People
All hospices provide bereavement care to their patients' families and friends. Most hospices offer bereavement support to the wider community, to help those who are touched by prolonged illness, suicide, or violence.


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