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Pain & Dementia Booklet

$3.30 each
$2.80 per unit for buying at least 10
$2.20 per unit for buying at least 100
$1.70 per unit for buying at least 1000
Weight: 1 kg


We have recently published a new 16-page brochure dealing with the important topic of pain management in dementia patients. This brochure speaks to the importance of recognizing pain in caring for dementia patients, and how clinicians and caregivers can increase comfort for these individuals. It is often hard or impossible for patients with dementia to report their pain; however, this does not mean that pain is not present.  Because people with dementia are at risk for having their pain go unrecognized, this brochure is an important tool for all who work with dementia patients.  The Pain and Dementia brochure provides guidance for assessing and addressing pain experienced by dementia patients.  Being aware of the right steps to take when dealing with pain and dementia is an important step in ensuring appropriate, compassionate care for patients and loved ones who suffer from dementia.  

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