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The American Hospice Foundation has helped thousands of individuals and families to find a hospice or better cope with the illness or death of their loved ones. Below are just a few examples:

Featured Stories

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Tina* and Her Grandfather

Tina, a 21 yr. old girl who had never been faced with the death of a loved one, was confronted with the imminent death of a beloved grandfather.  Hospice was recommended by the doctor and accepted by the family, but Tina had "scary" images of what went on in a hospice and feared the worst for her grandfather. 

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Grateful to Hospice

I just wanted to write and say that I'm truly grateful to Hospice, who was there for my family and me when my father and mother were dying.  My first experience with Hospice was when my father was being treated for lung cancer, and the doctor told him he had 6 months to live. That’s when Hospice came into the picture; they were very helpful and nice to all of us up until he passed away.

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Grieving Colleagues

In early 2008, Sandi Howlet, one of American Hospice's Phoenix-based trainers met with a group of grieving employees who had just lost a co-worker to a violent death. The employees worked at a residential home for Alzheimer's patients and had just learned that a fellow caregiver had been murdered by her boyfriend. Her 17 year old daughter was wounded but survived, while younger children slept in an adjacent room.

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Easing the Pain of Losing a Fellow Student

In early 2008, a 4th grade student died of Leukemia.  Our Grief at School trainer was asked to assist staff with how to best identify and support grieving students, including those for whom this death might trigger unexpected responses.  Only six weeks later, another 4th grader from the same class died of a brain abscess.

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A Wonderful Goodbye

I used to think of Hospice as a place where people go to die. Now when I hear the word "Hospice" I think of many positive things, but most of all, I think of the gentle guides who eased me through the deaths of both of my parents.

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Megan and Jim

After a few close friends and my gut convinced me, I Googled "Hospice" and found several facilities close to my home and work.   I called one and was forced to leave a message.  I called another and promptly was transferred to the executive director, Cindi. I explained, with a significant amount of urgency, that I needed to meet in person to discuss my husband’s illness and the need to employ at-home Hospice care for Jim.

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Charles was being treated for prostate and bone cancer for eight months when his doctor told him that the treatments were no longer working. Charles talked with his family about the options. He decided that he would be most comfortable spending the time he had left in his own home. His wife and daughters agreed to take turns providing care for him.

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Christy’s Story

Light out of Darkness

I didn’t pick up my son from daycare until almost 6 pm (very late for me), and as soon as I saw him I told him how sorry I am that I'm late and he asked me "were you with a patient?”. I told him I was and he asked "did they die?", and I said she did and it was sad like they all are, but something special happened.

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Lecia’s Story

My mom was an awesome lady. She was tough, loving and so many other things, too many for me to express. She got breast cancer, small, less than a centimeter. She opted to remove the breast and sentinel node. Two years later the other breast was affected and it was also less than a centimeter. Another two years later she was cancer free.

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Jody’s Story

This October it will be two years that our Mom passed away from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Our family had the pleasure to have hospice come in for approximately the last two months of our Mother's life. One lady especially touched our hearts with the great care that she gave to Mom.

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